Strategic partnership between Marriot International and Masterise Homes for the First Largest Branded Residences in Vietnam

The recently historic handshake between Marriott International and Masterise Homes will elevate Vietnam’s real estate market to new height of it – the height of Branded Residences in Vietnam
The first ever branded residences in South East Asia

The signing ceremony of cooperation between Masterise Homes and Marriott International is to bring a new wind of super luxury Branded Residences in Vietnam, officially held on January 6, 2021 at Sheraton Hotel with the participation of representatives from Masterise Homes and Marriott International Group, and the special appearance of representatives of the US Consulate in Vietnam and the American Trade Association AmCham in Vietnam.

Signing Ceremony between Masterise Homes and Marriot International

With extensive experience and expertise in the field of real estate development and management, Masterise Homes will maximize strengths and experiences to create a high-end product line to Branded Residences, world-class housing model.

This “handshake” will blow a “breeze” of globalization into the real estate market in Vietnam, promoting the rapid development of super housing products, increasing the heat of domestic and foreign investment, boosting the economy and creating a different position for Vietnam, particularly, elevating the life experience for the elite with full global standards.

Progressing From Quality of Life to Real Estate Value

Vietnam is the center of investment attraction from multinational corporations and this is an opportunity for the rich to own “super products”, to assert their position not only in Vietnam, but also reach Global.

For the different luxury height of living and enjoying, in both Vietnam and other countries around the world, owning a Branded Residences product will bring a lot of meaning: It is the “mark” of each individual and an asset that value accumulates over time. Clients who buy an apartment in this product line whether to live, to invest or to hoard property will possess the guaranty of the best brand in the world, ensuring full value of a worthy product.

The First Branded Residence also The Last One in District 1 HCMC

Mr. Jason Turnbull, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Masterise Homes said: “The projects of Masterise Homes will be designed, built, managed and operated according to the leading prestigious brands of Marriott International such as Marriott, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton for the first time in Vietnam, creating the privilege of ‘global citizens’ to experience the same service, lifestyle standards as 5-star JW Marriott Hotel in London, or the 5-star Ritz Carlton New York Hotel.”

Grand Marina Saigon – The World Largest Branded Residences In Vietnam

As the first project to mark the cooperation between the two groups, Grand Marina Saigon is at the “golden” position in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City – the last land for new development in the North of Ho Chi Minh City, riverside in District 1. Possessing a unique and historic riverside location, the project will be as a large-scale complex with residential, office, and commercial functions, the world largest Branded Residences by Marriott International Group.

Grand Marina Saigon Riverview District 1 HCMC

Grand Marina Saigon will confirm Masterise Homes as the leading international real estate developer in Vietnam and the region. Positioned in the super luxury segment, it will become an exclusive and dynamic economic center in the heart of the city, attracting the Vietnamese and international elite in the future, becoming high-class, civilized communities sharing common values ​​of living in Branded Residences community.

Source: Masterise Homes

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